Institutional Representatives

Throughout the accreditation process, ACCPAS corresponds with potential member institutions and member institutions primarily through an official Institutional Representative. Ensure that the Institutional Representative is an individual with authority and responsibility to carry out the comprehensive review process.


Each institution appoints one official Institutional Representative to the Association. ACCPAS does not stipulate who this representative should be. Normally, institutions appoint the executive leader of the school; however, other administrators and faculty members with expertise in the discipline may also serve as Institutional Representatives. Once accredited, each member institution has one vote in matters of ACCPAS business; therefore, only the official Institutional Representative to ACCPAS may vote.


Official Institutional Representatives vote on behalf of the institution, receive original copies of Commission Action Reports regarding accreditation status, and are eligible to hold office in ACCPAS, and participate in such activities as accreditation reviews to other applicant institutions.


Internal communication is a critical part of the role of Institutional Representatives to ACCPAS. The official Institutional Representative is an emissary representing both ACCPAS to his or her institution, and the institution to ACCPAS. Both roles are necessary if either is to function effectively.

Other Representatives

The Association welcomes all individuals from a member institution who wish to participate in such functions as standards reviews, projects, and professional development.