Commission Dialogue

Following receipt of a Commission Action Report, institutions may be required to submit Responses, Progress Reports, or other materials to the Commission, depending on the Commission action. An outline of possible situations is provided below.

For specific questions, the best way to communicate with the Commission is via email through the office of the Executive Director.

Following Approval

  • Questionnaires are provided to institutions following notice of accreditation or renewal of accreditation to provide the opportunity to evaluate the entire accreditation process. Filing instructions are provided with the questionnaire.
  • Institutions receiving accreditation or renewal of accreditation should review sections of ACCPAS “Rules of Practice and Procedure” that pertain to publication of accreditation actions, printed recognition of accreditation, and disclosure and confidentiality (see ACCPAS Handbook).
  • Progress Reports may be requested at any time or periodically throughout the term of accreditation.

Following Deferral

  • The institution responds in writing to the Commission as directed, and the application is reconsidered by the Commission at the specified regular meeting following the Response. The same process applies to administrative or accreditation warning.

Other Situations

  • When circumstances arise that cannot be clarified through written communications, the school executive of an applicant institution may request of the Executive Director of ACCPAS an appointment with the Commission to discuss pending Commission action.