New Curricula

When instituting new or substantially revised curricula, member institutions are required to submit documentation to the Commission in order to remain in compliance with Article I., Section 3., of the ACCPAS Rules of Practice and Procedure.

The Association also offers the opportunity for member institutions to receive an optional consultative review of new curricula by the Commission prior to submission of an official request for Plan Approval.

The Commission does not ordinarily send visitors to examine a new curriculum, but may request that the dance executive concerned meet with them to discuss the program in detail.

Plan Approval

Plan Approval is required after institutional approval and before students are admitted into a new program. The application for Plan Approval includes information concerning the structure of the new program as well as data concerning the faculty, library, equipment, and/or resources necessary for its support.

When a degree has received Plan Approval, the program is listed in the ACCPAS Directory List in italics.

Final Approval for Listing

Final Approval for Listing is granted when ACCPAS has reviewed an application including validation of the Plan Approved curriculum through evidence of completion. Evidence for three students is required. The format for submitting evidence consistent with Plan Approval documentation should be secured from the National Office.
When the curriculum has received Final Approval for Listing, the program is listed in the ACCPAS Directory List in regular type.

Application Procedures for Plan Approval & Final Approval for Listing

Please contact the National Office for application procedures for Plan Approval or Final Approval for Listing.